Ascending Dawn

Ambient, Melodic, Prog-style Metal

Premiere release of  'OPPOSITES' Music Video: “Opposites” is marvelous. The melodic flow of the music is regenerative and transporting, while the rhythm attacks at subliminal levels, making the tune infectious and intoxicating. And Angelides voice provides aesthetic satisfaction that’s undeviating. “Opposites” is a must-listen-to song. See article here

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Premiere release for lyric video 'CANNONBALL' : Ascending Dawn hit you like a 'Cannonball' with their beautiful melodies...a track mixed with fierce prog riffage and majestic melodies from the beautiful voice of vocalist, Marlain Angelides. It's a perfect melting pot of signature details that creates a refreshing new outlook on the djent-style bands of the past several years - Metal Injection See the premiere here


Premiere release for single 'INSIDE THE SILENCE' went up on legendary Prog Sphere. See the article here

Premiere for 'SIMPLIFY'  LIVE IN STUDIO VOCAL VIDEO was released: Ascending Dawn is led by the beautiful voice of Marlain Angelides, and their sound combines fierce progressive metal riffs with memorable melodies. See article here

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Metal Nexus reviews and exclusively premieres debut album  'COALESCE'  It is groovy, heavy, melodic and very progressive of it’s fabric. Greek/Cypriot/British singer Marlain Angelides absolutely kills it by melding her serenading and melodious clean vocals with the band’s heavy and chuggy music... See the article here

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Alternative Press featured 'ALL IN NOW' on their playlist of the week. See the article here

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World Music Arts featured 'ALL IN NOW', introducing the project to all its fans! See the article here

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 6.59.49 PM.png featured Premiere for video release of 'INSIDE THE SILENCE' . See the article here




"With bands like Ascending Dawn it is easy to see the link between metal and classical music. Their music captures the same scope and grandeur, the same theatricality and dynamics that defined the biggest and most intricate end of symphonic composers such as Beethoven and Wagner." AnR Factory

"There’s strong elements of Lacuna Coil in the soaring vocals, to Nevermore and groove metal riffing and up into stratospheric effects-laden ambiance of prog everywhere....I can already tell that if I give these guys repeated listens, I’ll have both a sore neck and pop-hook earworms in my neurons for days. As the neuroscience geeks say – neurons that fire together, wire together." Brady Irwin - Overdrive Music Magazine

"Revolving around the centrepiece vocals of Greek/Cypriot singer Marlain AngelidesASCENDING DAWN brings angular and cutting melodic prog-metal to a worldwide audience." Neil Mach - RawRamp

"Music this progressive, this cohesive and advanced, just does not happen overnight. The tightly wound, rapidly djent styling of heavy hitting numbers like the adrenaline-pumping  All In Now, Integral or Indiscretion is riveting. Each song resonates with regimented guitar riffing, purposeful and precise as dizzying rhythms and rapid-fire drum work bursts within them. It is no intended deception that Marlain is pretty much the band's secret weapon, her vocals ebb, flow and assert themselves in every breath. "  Pat Riot - Riff 

 "... their music is more like their individual and collective performances... They have blended all their prog materials with hit song vocal lines. Cannonball is a great hit song especially with its catchy vocal... this reminded me of Evanescence, one of the top female-fronted metal band of all times."  Burak Gundogdu- In Metal We Trust

“I was really surprised when I got my hands on the AD tracks. I immediately got that chilled feeling in the spine. Their songs ROCK and at the same time they have that amazingly deep atmospheric thing that carries the listener to the milky way and back!!!”
Jochem Jacobs – Split Second Sound, ex-Textures

"They have blended all their prog materials with hit song vocal lines....And this reminded me of Evanescence, one of the top female-fronted metal bands of all time"

“Ascending Dawn has broken ground in the metal section of the prog garden and planted some strong seedlings”
Vincent Lacocca – The Closet Concert Arena

“The album [Coalesce] is a potent stealing of the passions, the first of many from the band we suspect.”
Ringmaster – Ringmaster Review

“For such a new band to put together such an accomplished and polished effort together at the first attempt speaks volumes for them and one only has to wonder what this band can achieve. Miss this at your peril”
Philip Whitehead – Rocksins

“The album as a whole is solidly progressive with a good marriage between the pop influences of Marlain and the progressive metal riffs from the rest of the band”
Emma Sheridan – Femetalism

“The powerful sound they produce makes it hard to believe they have been formed only 2 years ago”
yugenmelodies – Songmemories in my head

“All our Progarchists should definitely check out Coalesce for its sick metal riffs and Marlain Angelides’ powerfully passionate vocals”
Time Lord – Progarchy

“Typically, it remains the same, as bands continue to pound out album, after single, after EP, anything they can do for radio. Yet, you still find yourself missing something, and I think I have what you’re missing……. Ascending Dawn”
Jason Thompson – The Vacant: Music Reviews

“My only negative point is that with 9 tracks and 41 minutes of running time, the experience of this masterpiece ends too soon. But there is still the “repeat” button”
windowtotheuniverse – Sputnik Music

“Ascending Dawn have a huge sound and a powerful female vocalist”
James Lindsay – PureM